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Welcome to the New Era of Travel

“Speed isn’t about going really fast. It’s about closeness. It’s about making far away places feel like they’re right around the corner.”

The world’s fastest privately-developed aircraft will take flight next year. Progress made today is fueling tomorrow’s supersonic renaissance.

Painted on the walls of Boom’s office headquarters, these visionary words of founder and CEO Blake Scholl keep supersonic travel’s greater purpose top-of-mind for the Boom team. Once simply a vision, the new era of supersonic travel now stands as an imminent reality.

Five years since the company’s founding, first flight for the XB-1 supersonic demonstrator is close on the horizon. Through thousands of hours of planning, design, tooling, assembly, and testing, the supersonic revival has never felt more real.

Welcome to the New Era of Travel

XB-1 is providing critical learning, experiences and data that will support the development of Overture, Boom’s Mach-2.2 commercial airliner. Building history’s fastest civil aircraft will earn Boom more than a place in the World Records book. First flight of the XB-1 supersonic demonstrator will mark the beginning of a new era of travel. For more information on XB-1, check here.